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Künstlerinnen aus Brandenburg und Berlin e.V.

Kunsthof Lietzen
Falkenhagener Str. 10
10306 Lietzen

phone 033470-248


In the general atmosphere of a new start after Germany’s unification, a group of artists around the artist Erika Stürmer-Alex establish an association of artists who want to work together in an interdisciplinary way.

Communicating and exchanging ideas across a spectrum of artistic disciplines a dialogue between traditional art forms, such as Fine Art, Music and Dance develop.
This experimental openness starts a continuous dynamic discussion.
The central venue, the ‘heart piece’ remains for a long time the ‘Kunsthof Lietzen’.

From1992 the group meets regularly once a year for a summer workshop with invited guest artists from both Eastern and West Europe and the South Americas. An inner German dialogue between east and west takes place.

For the present ‘Kunsthof Lietzen’ and the surrounding landscape remains the place where the performances and presentations happen. An exception is the project of 1994 ‘Zeichen in der Landschaft’ (signs in the landscape), which is exhibited in the Berliner ‘Kulturbrauerei’.
With the theme ‘Versuchung’ (temptation) 1998 the group works simultaneously in the churches of Görlsdorf, Diedersdorf, Neuentempel, Lietzen and Lietzen Komptorei. Here the notion of site-specific work was first developed. This was decisive for the summer workshops that followed.
From 1990 to 2000 followed the exhibition project in 3 parts ‘Traum vom Fliegen’ (the dream of flying), which is shown in the Petrikapelle Brandenburg, Klostergalerie Zehdenick and the gallery in the castle Altranft. After ‘Aromatisch’ in Friedersdorf and Berlin, it is the second collaboration with the association Art und Weise e.V. and the Berlin women initiative Xanthippe.
The first exhibition in the station Seelow-Gusow in the year 2000 has the title ‘Geschwindigkeit = Weg durch Zeit’ .Both exhibitions enjoyed tremendous success, a contributing factor being it’s easy connection to Berlin, as well as the attractive station building and surrounding countryside.
ENDMORÄNE e.V. is also represented with it’s own large room in the POLITEIA 2002 in Leipzig, a large female gender- political exhibition under the umbrella organization of Christine Bergmann, Heide Simonis, Rita Süssmuth and Christa Wolf.
The exhibition ’Baustelle Romantik’ takes place in the Kunstbauwerk Vierraden as part of the programme 2002 Kulturland Brandenburg e.V. and is supported by it.
Likewise the summer workshop ‘Happyland’, in the empty shops of the formerly representative street Scharrnstrasse in Frankfurt (Oder), was part of the cultural programme of 2003.